Indigone Trio

Indigone Trio was co-founded by David and bassist Alex Mallett in 2003. Originally a McGill University quartet with saxophonist Jon Lindhorst, Indigone became the main compositional outlet for David and Alex. Their driving acoustic jazz, propelled by drummers Liam O’Neill and Philippe Melanson, embraced a wide variety of influences: in addition to their original tunes, the repertoire included covers of Björk, Ornette Coleman, Nick Drake and Jeff Parker.

The Trio began 2006 as the only Canadian student group to perform at the International Association of Jazz Education conference in New York. Shortly thereafter, they began their collaborations with string quartets, which culminated in the 2008 album Cycles (Ropeadope Digital). On the strength of that album, Indigone Trio was nominated for the Grand Prix du Jazz at the 2008 Montreal Jazz Festival, and performed at New York’s St. Peter’s Church with a string quartet including Zach Brock and Jody Redhage. Cycles was a mainstay of Canadian campus/community jazz charts throughout 2009. Upon Alex Mallett’s move to New York City, Sébastien Pellerin took over the bass chair.

David, Sébastien and Philippe are all active freelance musicians in Montreal. Alex now lives in New York City, playing banjo and writing songs.

David Ryshpan – piano/compositions
Alex Mallett – bass/compositions
Philippe Melanson – drums
Sébastien Pellerin – bass (2008-2011)
Liam O’Neill – drums (2003-2006)

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